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Financial Services

The Financial services are Our Only Approach. M&A and Strategic Consulting is our Only Business.

We drive deeply thought out strategic and financial alliances that work for our clients. Our specializations in various industrial areas, along with global relationships, allow us to deliver results.

We go beyond short-term situations to provide an in-depth analysis on the permanence and significance of the business in the future.

We Know Our Markets.

Our deep knowledge of the market and our relationships allow well thought out connections for our clients to achieve growth, strategic or liquidity objectives. We help clients find successful negotiation, lasting partnerships, IPOS, or get the best deal from their business.

Our People are Our Best Asset.

Our experience is made up of a cohesive team of collaborators who have worked together with Goncaval during most of their careers. Our people are specialists who collectively cover the broader sectors and related industries in which we are present. 

Our Consulting business includes: 

  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Sales and Divestments
  • Valuations and Valuation of Assets in Equity
  • Strategic Consulting

Start Today and Take Advantage of Great Market Opportunities

From the evaluation of the business, negotiations, agreements and Realization.