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Market Intelligence

Main aspects of the analysis:

1.Mercado: identify market size, growth, and composition by customer

2. Segmentation: Identify which market accounts are the most convenient based on their level of consumption and growth in their purchases of the analyzed product

3.Market Share: know the level of income that each competitor has and to whom they sell

4.Share of Wallet (SOW): identify the level of penetration in specific accounts and with whom we compete in each account

5.ACompetitor level analysis: know the client base of each competitor, the level of concentration of their income (x% of their income that comes from a, b, and c clients), know if they have growth or decrease and where this growth comes from, know in which segment market are developing

6.Customer-level analysis: to know the level of consumption that each client has, in which suppliers it relies and specifically how much they buy from each one, to know if they increase or decrease in their purchases

7.Distributor-level analysis: identify which distributors have a solid relationship (assessed by business volume and tenure in the account) with industry leaders

8.Analysis of international purchases: know by tariff fraction all the volume that enters the country with the associated price level, identifying who is the seller in the foreign country and who is the domestic buyer

9.Product analysis: know the products that make up the supply chain and the products sold

10.Price analysis: know the level of purchase prices to suppliers and the level of sale prices to customers