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Commercial Representations

At GONCAVAL we are committed to supporting you to have a presence in the Latin American markets, our services include the import and export of your products and support in the increase of commercial relations.

We are professional and serious people who will put a greater amount of sales within your reach in a market well known to us..

International Trade
Activities related to international trade, import and export of products and / or services, require time, dedication and specialists in the area. That is why at GONCAVAL we offer your company the necessary means for its internationalization process.

We intend to arrive through the following commercial figures:

Operations Corridor
This service is designed to take advantage of specific and specific market opportunities. This allows the parties to take advantage of a momentary business situation that may or may not extend into the future.
Export Commercial Agent
Under this modality, through a medium degree of relationship with the manufacturer or producer, we take care of the commercial representation of your company, appropriately managing the placement of your products in the destination market.
Import Agent
Through this figure we represent the importer, acting as a purchasing center. Depending on the concerns that arise, we take the necessary measures so that the importer can buy his goods in the best way.